Leaving the Plan

Voluntary cessation of coverage

Membership to the Public Service Health Care Plan is optional, unless you are an employee who is posted abroad, in which case membership is compulsory.

If you wish to terminate your coverage under the PSHCP, you must submit a written request to the designated officer of your personnel or pension office. You may also use your Compensation Web Applications to cancel your PSHCP coverage, if this service is available to you.

Deductions will cease no later than two months after your request is received. Your coverage will continue for one month following the month that your last deduction was made.

Coverage cannot be cancelled retroactively.

Involuntary cessation of coverage

If your coverage under the Plan is terminated because you are no longer eligible under the Plan, coverage for you and/or your dependant(s) will continue until the end of the month following your last contribution.

Reinstating coverage under the Plan

You are allowed to reinstate your coverage under the PSHCP as long as you are still eligible to do so under the Eligibility terms of the Plan Document. Complete the Employee Application Form or the Pensioner Application Form and indicate the PSHCP certificate number and plan number that was previously assigned to you.

Coverage cannot be reinstated retroactively.