The Public Service Health Care Plan is funded through contributions from:

  • Treasury Board of Canada,
  • Participating employers, and
  • Plan members.

Contribution rates are reviewed and amended from time to time as determined through negotiations between the Treasury Board of Canada, the employers, and representatives of employees and pensioners. The contribution rates are posted on the website of the National Joint Council.

While the Government of Canada pays the majority of Plan costs, Plan members also make contributions based on their employment status and level of coverage required (e.g. active employee vs. pensioner, single vs. family coverage, and selected level of the Hospital Provision).

Contributions are made on a monthly basis, and appear as deductions on payroll statements or pensioner benefit statements, as applicable. If you wish to maintain your coverage while on Leave Without Pay, your contributions can be paid in advance or upon your return to work. If you choose to pay them upon your return to work, they must be paid on a schedule that does not exceed your period of leave.