MSH, the new PSHCP provider for Emergency Travel Assistance and Comprehensive coverage

27 September 2023

On July 1, 2023, Canada Life became the PSHCP administrator. It has subcontracted the administration of the Out-of-Province Benefit for members with Supplementary coverage, and the out-of-country coverage for members living outside of Canada (Comprehensive coverage) to MSH International (MSH).

Emergency Travel Assistance services are part of the Out-of-Province Benefit, and include:

  • Case management while in the hospital
  • Air ambulance arrangement
  • Arrangement of billing and bill settlement
  • Family assistance
  • Return transportation
  • Legal referrals
  • Repatriation of remains

Note that assistance services are not available in countries of political unrest. The list of countries maintained by Canada Life will change according to world conditions.

As you travel, if you are incurring eligible expenses under the PSHCP, you may submit your claims to Canada Life or to MSH, depending on the type of expenses. Use the table below to find out where to send your claims.

Submit the following claims to Canada LifeSubmit the following claims to MSH
Non-emergency claims for expenses incurred within Canada for all PSHCP members, such as massage therapy services while visiting a spa.Emergency Travel Assistance claims for members with Supplementary coverage. These are the eligible medical expenses incurred as a result of an emergency while travelling on vacation or on business.
Non-emergency claims for expenses incurred outside of Canada for members with Supplementary CoverageAll claims for expenses incurred outside of Canada for members with Comprehensive coverage

Visit the PSHCP Member Services website at for more information on how to submit your claims to Canada Life.

The MSH PSHCP Member Portal

If you have Supplementary coverage and have eligible Out-of-Province Benefit claims or if you have Comprehensive coverage and are incurring expenses outside Canada, you can submit your claims on the MSH PSHCP Member Portal. You must create an account before submitting a claim online.

How to create an account

Visit the MSH PSHCP Member Portal and click on “Login”. Then, select the “Please register here” option. The email address you used when completing positive enrolment for the PSHCP with Canada Life will be required to register and log in to the MSH PSHCP Member Portal. Ensure you use the same email address and date of birth that is on file with Canada Life. Your positive enrolment with Canada Life should be completed before registering to the MSH PSHCP Member Portal. Note that you may not be able to register for the MSH PSHCP Member Portal for 48 hours after completing positive enrolment.

Once your account is created, you can submit claims online using the MSH PSHCP Member Portal. Remember to have your plan and certificate numbers available. Note: Emails you receive from MSH in response to claim submissions are encrypted and will have the subject line: “Proofpoint – MSH INTERNATIONAL on behalf of PSHCP Claims”.

If you prefer to submit your claims by mail, download a paper claim form from the MSH PSHCP Member Portal or contact MSH to ask that one be mailed to you, then send it to:

MSH International
PO Box 4903 STN A
Toronto ON Canada
M5W 0B1

If you have any questions, contact MSH at:

  • 1-833-774-2700 (toll-free) in North America
  • 1-365-337-7427 (collect) in all other countries

Or by email at