How to use the PSHCP Benefit Card

With registered pharmacies and health care providers

To obtain the PSHCP Benefit Card, you must complete Positive Enrolment.

The PSHCP Benefit Card is a pay-direct card that allows claims for certain products, supplies and services to be processed by Canadian pharmacies and providers that have registered with the Plan.

When you present the PSHCP Benefit Card, your provider will use it to send the cost of your claim to Canada Life for processing. Your provider submits the claim to the Plan electronically. Once your claim is processed, the amount paid by the Plan will be shown on your statement. You simply pay the 20% co-payment (unless you have coordinated your benefits with another plan).

You will not receive additional reimbursement by sending the statement as a paper or electronic claim.

At participating hospitals

The PSHCP Benefit Card can also be used when you are admitted to hospital. Most hospitals are able to submit claims on your behalf by using the certificate number indicated on your card. Generally, the hospital will ask you to sign an authorization form and pay for the portion of costs not eligible under the Plan. If the hospital does not offer such a service, you must submit a paper or an electronic claim to Canada Life along with the invoice of charges from the hospital.