Partners Committee

The Partners Committee is a collaborative forum for the resolution of issues regarding the Public Service Health Care Plan through a voluntary commitment to joint problem-solving and consensus-building approaches in developing long-term solutions. The purpose of the Committee is to ensure the health and well-being of Plan participants by providing a health care plan that is stable, cost-effective, and capable of delivering sustainable benefits. The Committee also ensures that the PSHCP remains compatible with the health care plans of other employers and acts as an attraction and tangible incentive in retaining public service employees.

To accomplish these goals, the Committee monitors, analyzes and makes joint recommendations on all aspects of the PSHCP, such as Plan administration and design, governance, Plan usage, cost-management, and any other issues related to the Plan.

The Committee also monitors and makes joint recommendations on any and all issues that may indirectly or directly affect the PSHCP, such as changes in the health care industry, trends in employer-sponsored health care benefit plans, changes to provincial/territorial health care policies, or advancements in medical and pharmaceutical technology.

Committee Members:

  • Chris Aylward, Public Service Alliance of Canada

  • Jennifer Carr, Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada
  • Marie-Chantal Girard, Treasury Board Secretariat
  • Dany Richard, Association of Canadian Financial Officers
  • Paule-Anny Pierre, Office of the Auditor General of Canada
  • Cathie Fraser, National Joint Council
  • Elizabeth Shum, National Joint Council
  • Roy Goodall, National Association of Federal Retirees
  • Francis Trudel, Global Affairs Canada
  • Raman Srivastava, Canadian Food Inspection Agency

The National Joint Council secretariat provides professional and administrative support to the Partners Committee.